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Looking For Pet Rats and Mice? We have those too!
Never Pay Retail Prices On Feeders Again!
If you are looking for Feeder Mice and Rats in the Indianapolis Indiana area you have come to the right place.

Indy Feeder Mice specializes in live feeder mice and rats at a much more affordable price than pet shops charge.
We selectively breed feeder mice and rats and care for them daily to ensure healthy and quality feeder rodents.
Your Reptiles will love you when you feed them our quality rodents.

We are located on the North East Side of Indianapolis

Just Tell Me what you want and I conveniently and professionally box them up and have them ready for you to pick up.

Below are a few photos of what we breed.
Norway Rats Indianapolis Indiana
Norway Rats
Mice grey fancy
Fancy Mice
Fancy Mice

Price List:
  • Mice only $1
  • Fancy Mice ( Beautiful Assorted Colors ) $2
  • Rats - Not yet weaned $1
  • Weaned to Adult Rats $2
  • XL - Jumbo Rats $3
  • Pet Rats ( Socialised, Hand Tame, Friendly ) - $3
    Email us to see what is in stock!

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